eNovation A

Playing on the Black Keys

eNovation B

The Musical Alphabet and the White Keys

eNovation C

Reading Music on a Reduced Staff

eNovation D

The Grand Staff and Landmark Notes

eNovation E

Five-Finger Patterns

eNovation 1

Expanding the Reading Range – Ledger Lines and C-Clef

eNovation 2

Mastering the Drop/Roll Motion

eNovation 3

White Key Pentascales

eNovation 4

Major & Minor Triads

eNovation 5

Black Key Pentascales

eNovation 6

Coordination – Three Basic Motions

eNovation 7

Extending to the 6th

eNovation 8

Chord Shapes, Shifts, and Progression

eNovation 9

Extending to the 7th

eNovation 10

Extending to the Octave

eNovation 11

Finger Substitutions in Melodies and Chords

eNovation 12

The Legato Melody – Hand Extension and Contraction