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eNovativePiano offers both individual subscriptions and institutional licensing options.

(To adopt for your program or to set up sales through a campus bookstore send an email inquiry to info@eNovativePiano.com)

College Students

  • $31 / user / quarter (85 Days)
  • $43 / user / semester (120 Days)
  • $86 / user / fall & spring semesters (265 Days)  


  • $13.99 / 1 month (30 Days)
  • $75 / 6 months (180 Days)
  • $129 / 1 year (365 Days)

Institution/Studio License

  • Full-Access License
  • Institution-Owned Computer/Tablet License
  • Print License

An Institutional/Studio License provides special reduced pricing for colleges, universities, K-12 schools, private studios and academies that purchase a license for their school. To adopt eNovativePiano for your school or to request an institutional license quote, complete the eNovativePiano Adoption Request Form.

Full Access License
minimum of 25 users / institutions; 10 users / private studios
(Contact Us for additional large user bulk discounts or if you are a Title I School)

This license allows each student to create a personal login with full 24/7 access to the eNovativePiano website. Your institution will receive a License ID. Your students will use this ID when registering on the website to bypass payment and create their own username/password. Student passwords will be deactivated at the end of the licensing period.

Cost per User Length of Licensing Period
$24.80 Quarter (85 Days)
$34.40 Semester (120 Days)
$68.80 Two Semesters (265 Days)
$76.80 School Year (August – June, 300 Days)

In-Class Access
(Recommended for K-12 Schools Only)

This license is for institution-owned devices such as iPads or Chromebooks. It provides access to eNovativePiano from the licensed device during class time only. With this license, teachers also receive privileges to print unlimited materials for class use.

of Users
Cost per User
per Month (30 Days)
Complimentary Full-Access
Teacher Logins*
1-24 $5.50 1
25-49 $5.00 2
50-74 $4.50 3
75-99 $4.00 4
100+ Contact Us Varies

*Additional full-access logins are available for $75 per user / calendar year. Personal “Full-Access” logins allow students and/or teachers 24/7 access to eNovativePiano.

Print License
(Recommended for K-12 Schools Only)

With this license, teachers receive privileges to print unlimited materials for class use and can use the entire site during class or lesson time.

of Users
Licensing Fee
(School Year Aug-June)
Full-Access Logins*
1-49 $250 2
50-99 $400 3
100-149 $550 4
150+ $650 5

* Additional full-access logins are available for $75 per user / calendar year. Personal “Full-Access” logins allow students and/or teachers 24/7 access to eNovativePiano.

Compare Features

Choose the Institution subscription plan that is best for you and adopt eNovativePiano for your course or studio.

Full-Access In-Class Access Print Only
Personalized logins give students 24/7 access to all lessons & features. Offers students access to lessons during class time using institution-owned digital devices. Designed for use in classrooms without student computer stations. Optional in-class multimedia lesson usage for teachers.
Complimentary full-access login to all lessons & features for teachers.
Number of complimentary logins varies per plan.
Printed Scores & Worksheets yes yes yes
Teacher Workbook yes yes yes
Full Access for Individual Students in Class/Lesson yes yes no
Full Access for Individual Students outside of Class/Lesson yes no no
Personal Progress Report yes no no
Personal Practice Log yes no no
Send/Receive Messages yes no no

To request an institutional license quote, complete the eNovativePiano Adoption Request Form.

Terms & Conditions

Recurring Billing

“Individual” (1 month, 6 month, and 1 year) subscriptions have a recurring payment feature. Your credit card will automatically be charged based on the terms of your subscription until you cancel your subscription. To cancel, log in to to your eNovativePiano account, go to your profile and select “cancel.” You may also email a cancellation request 24 hours before the billing is set to recur. You are responsible for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. Recurring billing will not apply to semester/quarter “Student” plans.

Transaction Holds

If your debit card transaction is declined for any reason (mismatch on name, billing address, or zip code) your bank may place a hold on these funds for up to 10 days. During this time, the transaction will be considered “pending” until the hold is lifted by the bank. eNovativePiano does not receive payment for pending transactions.

Refund Policy

Please be advised that refunds will only be granted within 10 days of the purchase date.

Terms of Use

By subscribing to eNovativePiano, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to provide any files obtained through eNovativePiano to any other party or through any other means. You may not allow others to use your ID and/or eNovativePiano materials directly or indirectly. This is a violation of eNovativePiano’s copyright and will result in termination of your subscription.

If you are accessing eNovativePiano without purchasing a subscription, you are in violation of eNovativePiano’s Terms of Use.

What Teachers are Saying about eNovativePiano

Immediately Noticed the Difference

“At the beginning of each semester, I immediately noticed the difference between using a regular book and using eNovativePiano. The students are able to have practice sessions that are more productive because of the video clips. Their hand position has been so much better because of the visual reminders. Their rhythm has also greatly improved. I have loved using eNovativePiano. Thank you so much for putting the program together and allowing the rest of us to use it in our classrooms, as well!”

Dr. Margaret Perry, University of the Pacific

Develops All the Senses

“I’ve been using eNovativePiano as the primary curriculum for our music major piano classes this fall. The approach is thought out very well. It develops all the senses – aural, visual, tactile – for musical fluency at the keyboard. Having the videos and audio exercises available for the students, both in and out of the classroom via internet, is a plus as well. I would strongly encourage any teacher or student to consider using it in their lessons.”

Dr. Christy Vogt Corley, McNeese State University, LA

Increased Proficiency Completion Rates

“We really enjoyed using eNovativePiano this year. Our proficiency completion rates went up an average of 11% this year, up from previous years, and the sight-reading category in particular was much improved. We will definitely use it next year. Just let us know what it takes to make that happen, and we’ll do it!”

Dr. Jonathan Reed, Warner University, FL

Flexible & Convenient

“Students like the flexibility that allows them to move at their own pace, whether pushing forward to new material or, if necessary, repeating portions already covered. They especially enjoy the convenience of the program. They don’t have to bring a book to class, and they can do many of the activities away from the piano. They’ve even told me they can “practice” some of the exercises on their cell phones – without the piano OR computer!”

Dr. La Wanda Blakeney, Louisiana State University at Shreveport

Excellent Tutorial Videos

“An excellent concise format for introducing and reinforcing pattern reading through practice drills and manageable repertoire pieces. Great inclusion of harmonization and improvisation exercises. The website stresses the keyboard skills needed for most instrumentalists and provides an excellent tutorial videos for students to practice outside of class time.”

Dr. Rose Grace, Bethune-Cookman University, FL

Refreshing & Much More Interesting

“. . . compared to the textbook which I have used for the last umpteen years, I found it refreshing and much more interesting. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful, rich resource for class piano.”

Dr. Norma Brunner, Gordon College, MA

Amazing Results

“I teach 3rd-5th grade piano at an arts and technology school in a 16-keyboard lab setting without any assistance. eNovativePiano has brought ease and amazing results to a job that was nearly impossible and equally frustrating. This wonderful resource has helped me reach the goals that I have set for myself and for my students.”

Courtney Oubre, NCTM, J.W. James Arts and Technology Elementary School, Lafayette Parish, LA


“There is so much emphasis on proper technique – that’s invaluable. To hear the pieces being played and to see them being played, help you with the positioning of your hand and fingering. It so much better to have audio and video assist you.”

Blake Pujol, Sophomore Guitar Major in Jazz Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Absolutely Love eNovativePiano

“After using eNovativePiano this year, I would not want to use anything else. I absolutely love eNovativePiano — I actually looked forward to my 8:00am piano classes this year! I think my class piano students achieved a much higher level of fluency using eNovativePiano and I’m especially pleased with the improvement in score reading and in sight reading. The harmonizations were great fun because of the wonderful sound files.”

Dr. Diana Belland, Northern Kentucky University

I LOVE Your Curriculum!

“I am officially 6 weeks in and I LOVE your curriculum. I have never had so many beginning adults students in class piano play with loose wrists, read notes with ease and have such solid rhythmic foundation.”

Amy Grinsteiner, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University

Can Tailor to Individual Students

“eNovativePiano has been a huge success here. The kids are working at all different levels and improving their skills, and when I was observed, my administrator was extremely impressed with the varied activities and how each student can truly work at their own pace. I think Grandview will be working with you guys for many years to come!”

Teresa Newman, Grandview High School

Used by Nationally Recognized Schools

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