eNovativePiano Basics

What is eNovativePiano?2021-06-08T22:02:59-05:00

eNovativePiano is an online, customizable curriculum designed for teaching piano from the beginning through the late intermediate levels. eNovativePiano contains 685 multimedia lessons that develop the full range of keyboard musicianship skills including listening, keyboard topography, reading, rhythm, technique, theory; and include a variety of keyboard activities including repertoire, lead sheets, improvisation, harmonization, collaborative ensembles, score reading, transposition, and timed reading.

Is eNovativePiano an online course?2021-06-08T22:03:28-05:00

eNovativePiano provides a curriculum and multimedia resources for students and teachers appropriate for both in-class or online teaching but it is not an online course. While a student might choose to work independently using eNovativePiano, the vast majority of our users are teachers who have adopted it as a curriculum for their in-person and online classes and lessons.

Can I use eNovativePiano for both group and individual lessons?2021-06-08T22:36:22-05:00

Yes! While eNovativePiano was originally designed for the group piano environment, our focus on functional keyboard musicianship skills like reading, improvising, harmonizing, score reading, repertoire, and ensemble playing is perfect for individual instruction or for summer camps.

Students will benefit from the animated content, the videos, and the audio tracks. Independent teachers who are interested in expanding their teaching resources will find eNovativePiano a welcome addition to their teaching arsenal.

What age/level student is eNovativePiano designed for?2021-06-08T22:38:40-05:00

Because eNovativePiano starts with very beginning concepts, the materials can be used with any beginning student, regardless of age.

However, because eNovativePiano is not specifically designed for very young students (younger than 8), use the site with them during their lesson.

eNovativePiano is especially well suited for older students, even adult beginners and college music majors who need to acquire professional piano skills quickly.

What equipment does my classroom/studio need to use eNovativePiano?2022-08-07T19:43:41-05:00

Minimum Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Teacher computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device
  • Projection system, especially if using eNovativePiano with a group where the students don’t have a personal device. This could be a ceiling mounted projector or one on a cart, or it could be a TV monitor mounted to the wall or on a cart. It could also be an interactive smart board.

Nice to Have

  • Computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device for each student so that eNovativePiano can be accessed individually during class time, allowing for more independent work. However, many of our institutional users use eNovativePiano quite successfully with only a teacher computer and a projector.
  • Webcams (HD1080) and mounts for teacher demonstration to the class. (4 would be ideal: overhead, left, right, pedal)
  • Document Camera for displaying scores
  • Classroom Printer



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How can students hear audio from both their keyboard and eNovativePiano while using headphones?2021-06-18T19:02:12-05:00

There are several ways to accomplish this. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  1. Your lab has a computer at each keyboard station: If your lab has a computer at each keyboard station, you can run an audio cable from the computer’s audio output to the audio input of your digital keyboard. When setting it up this way, the student will hear audio from both the computer and the keyboard through headphones. Routing your computer audio through your keyboard speakers
  2. Students bring their own laptop/tablet/phone/etc. to class with them. If students are using their own device to access eNovativePiano during class, they can wear earbuds from their personal device under their keyboard headphones. Gamers do this all the time, as shown here:

gamers wearing earbuds under headphones

Alternatively, you could just connect an audio cable from the audio input of your digital keyboard and simply leave the other end available for students to plug their device in.

Can I use eNovativePiano on my mobile device?2021-06-08T23:56:33-05:00

Yes! eNovativePiano is compatible with your Apple or Android mobile device.

Does my digital keyboard need to be interfaced with my computer to use the eNovativePiano website?2021-06-08T23:54:55-05:00

No. eNovativePiano materials interact with students, not with keyboards! There is no need to have a keyboard connected to the computer to benefit from the materials.

Can I use eNovativePiano with an acoustic piano?2021-06-08T21:24:47-05:00

Certainly! As explained above, eNovativePiano materials do not require synchronization with a keyboard.

Why do I need an internet connection?2021-06-08T22:31:02-05:00

eNovativePiano is a web site. Although most materials can be downloaded and printed to make practicing easier, the multimedia curriculum and materials must be accessed online.

Do I need a special browser or media player to access eNovativePiano on the web?2022-03-11T06:36:58-06:00

eNovativePiano is compatible with most popular browers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Be sure that you enable pop-ups for this site so that the audio and video display properly.

Can I download or print any materials from the eNovativePiano site?2021-06-08T21:31:41-05:00

All scores, worksheets, and drills are available in PDF format and may be printed or downloaded and saved to your device. You will need a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Reader to view these. Look for the “Printer” icon on any lesson page to indicate that a file may be downloaded. Multimedia files such as videos or audio tracks are not available for download.

eNovativePiano Features

What is a “Workbook?”2021-06-08T23:42:10-05:00

When you create a custom curriculum on eNovativePiano it is called a “Workbook.” Your students join your workbook to access the curriculum you have created for them. There is no limit to the number of Workbooks that you can customize.

View Tutorials: Section II. Customizing Your Curriculum / Using Workbooks 

  • Customizing Your Curriculum
  • Overview of the eNovativePiano Workbook

Can I share a Workbook with another teacher?2021-08-09T16:39:35-05:00

It is very easy to share a Workbook with another eNovativePiano teacher. The person on the receiving end becomes the owner of the shared Workbook and it is completely independent from the original.

Refer to this document to learn how to share a Workbook.

View Tutorials: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano

  • Sharing a Workbook with another eNovativePiano Teacher

Can I reuse or duplicate a Workbook for use in a new semester?2022-09-06T09:25:10-05:00

You can reuse or duplicate a Workbook if you would like to use it with a different section of the same course, or to use in a different semester. This tutorial will explain your options.

Refer to this document to learn how to reuse a Workbook

View Tutorials: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano

  • Reusing or Duplicating Your eNovativePiano Workbook
Can I add due dates to assignments in a Unit/Subject Workbook.2022-09-06T16:08:56-05:00

Unit/Subject Workbook are organized by headings that you, the teacher, create, rather than by date.

However, using eNovativePiano’s Checklist feature, you can create checklists and assign due dates to the items on the checklist. These will be visible on the Upcoming Assignments panel and can be tracked from the Recent Workbooks panel on your dashboard.

image of the Recent Workbook Panel on the Dashboard

View Tutorials: Section II. Customizing Your Curriculum / Using Workbooks 

  • Understanding and Choosing a Workbook Format (2022)

View TutorialsSection III. Exploring eNovativePiano Features

  • Tracking Student Progress: Creating and Managing Checklists
Can I convert my Workbook to a new format?2022-09-06T09:03:00-05:00

You can convert your Date Format Workbook to Unit/Subject Format, and vice-versa. You cannot however, convert to an eNovativePiano Curriculum Format. When you convert a Workbook a new copy is made and your original version is not affected.

Refer to this document to learn how to Change Workbook Formats

  • Change Workbook Formats
Why do some of my Workbooks show as ‘in progress?’2022-01-07T07:58:38-06:00

An ‘in progress’ Workbook is one that includes lessons that have not been assigned a due date (in a date format Workbook) or to a unit (in a unit/subject format workbook). These lessons are referred to as ‘unscheduled’ lessons. An ‘in progress’ Workbook is visible to students, but they won’t see the unscheduled lessons until you have assigned them a due date or placed them in a unit.

Can I track my student’s progress on eNovativePiano?2021-06-08T21:09:39-05:00

On eNovativePiano, there are two types of student tracking options. 

  1. You can track your students’ self-reported progress on any lesson that you have included on a Checklist. 
  2. Students can log their practice on any assignment. These logs are available to both student and teacher. 

View Tutorials: Section III. Exploring eNovativePiano Features

  • Tracking Student Progress: Practice Logs
  • Tracking Student Progress: Creating and Managing Checklists
What is the easiest way to view student progress?2021-06-08T22:16:18-05:00

From the “Recent Workbooks” section of your dashboard, you can quickly view student checklist progress by selecting the checkmark icon. Selecting the clock icon will allow you to view their practice logs.

Can eNovativePiano be integrated into my school’s Learning Management System (LMS)?2021-06-08T22:26:46-05:00

While we currently don’t have LTI integration, there are some simple integrations you can make.

View Tutorial: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano
     Integrating eNovativePiano With Your Learning Management System

Where can I find tutorials for eNovativePiano?2021-06-08T22:22:27-05:00

Please visit the Tutorials section on our Blog. You can also email us with your questions at: info@enovativepiano.com

Pricing and Adoption

How do I adopt eNovativePiano for my program?2021-06-08T22:05:24-05:00

eNovativePiano is a subscription website accessed through user login/password. If your school chooses to adopt, your students can get eNovativePiano in several ways.

  • Purchase directly from our website, eNovativePiano.com
  • Purchase a license code through your campus bookstore.

Teachers receive complimentary access with a minimum of 10 student subscriptions.

Institutional License. This type of license offers reduced pricing to institutions that purchase bulk subscriptions for their students. Payment must be a single payment from the licensing institution.

To adopt eNovativePiano for your school or to request an institutional license quote, complete the eNovativePiano Adoption Request Form. We’ll get back to you shortly.

View our pricing options.


My account has expired. How do I resubscribe?2022-06-09T15:21:33-05:00

When you subscribe to eNovativePiano an account is created which you access by username/password. This account is linked to the email address that you used when you purchased your subscription. When your subscription expires, your account becomes ‘inactive.’ To resubscribe and reactivate your old account, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to www.enovativepiano.com
  2. From the login screen, sign into your old account. If you use your email address to sign in, it must be the same address used when you created the account. image of the enovative piano login screen
  3. Because your account has expired, these error messages will be displayed within a red banner: These credentials do not match our records. and This account appears to be expired. You can renew your account be subscribing to a new plan using your existing username and password. Select the “START HERE” button to go to the next screen where you will choose your subscription plan. picture of login error messages
  4. After you choose the plan (Semester, Quarter, etc.) and accept the terms and conditions, select the orange “NEXT” button. If you are purchasing a subscription with a license code, only complete the section “Or do you have a License Code?,” accept the terms and conditions, and select “NEXT.”  Image showing the select your subscription plan
  5. Now, enter the username/password for your expired account under “Returning Users.” image showing login screen for returning users
  6. Upon a successful login, you will be taken to a secure credit card processing page where you can enter your credit card information. If you are using a license code you will bypass the credit card processing page.

Print these Instructions 

Why can’t I play the video and audio tracks?2022-03-11T06:53:33-06:00

eNovativePiano is compatible with most popular browers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Be sure that you enable pop-ups for this site so that the audio and video display properly. For help with this read this article.

Workbook assignments with due dates that have passed have disappeared? How can I get these back?2021-06-08T22:34:09-05:00

eNovativePiano organizes Workbook assignments by due date, with pinned assignments at the top followed by upcoming dates appearing in chronological order with an orange banner. When a due date passes, that date rotates to the bottom of the list, but in reverse chronological order so users can see the most recently passed dates without excessive scrolling. The banner is now red.

View Tutorial: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano
     Understanding the Workbook Calendar

Why don’t the MusicTheory.Net pages load in my browser?2021-06-08T22:23:48-05:00

If these exercises aren’t loading, try enabling “third-party cookies” in your browser settings.
View this link to learn how to change your cookie settings in Chrome.

What Teachers are Saying about eNovativePiano

Immediately Noticed the Difference

“At the beginning of each semester, I immediately noticed the difference between using a regular book and using eNovativePiano. The students are able to have practice sessions that are more productive because of the video clips. Their hand position has been so much better because of the visual reminders. Their rhythm has also greatly improved. I have loved using eNovativePiano. Thank you so much for putting the program together and allowing the rest of us to use it in our classrooms, as well!”

Dr. Margaret Perry, University of the Pacific

Develops All the Senses

“I’ve been using eNovativePiano as the primary curriculum for our music major piano classes this fall. The approach is thought out very well. It develops all the senses – aural, visual, tactile – for musical fluency at the keyboard. Having the videos and audio exercises available for the students, both in and out of the classroom via internet, is a plus as well. I would strongly encourage any teacher or student to consider using it in their lessons.”

Dr. Christy Vogt Corley, McNeese State University, LA

Increased Proficiency Completion Rates

“We really enjoyed using eNovativePiano this year. Our proficiency completion rates went up an average of 11% this year, up from previous years, and the sight-reading category in particular was much improved. We will definitely use it next year. Just let us know what it takes to make that happen, and we’ll do it!”

Dr. Jonathan Reed, Warner University, FL

Flexible & Convenient

“Students like the flexibility that allows them to move at their own pace, whether pushing forward to new material or, if necessary, repeating portions already covered. They especially enjoy the convenience of the program. They don’t have to bring a book to class, and they can do many of the activities away from the piano. They’ve even told me they can “practice” some of the exercises on their cell phones – without the piano OR computer!”

Dr. La Wanda Blakeney, Louisiana State University at Shreveport

Excellent Tutorial Videos

“An excellent concise format for introducing and reinforcing pattern reading through practice drills and manageable repertoire pieces. Great inclusion of harmonization and improvisation exercises. The website stresses the keyboard skills needed for most instrumentalists and provides an excellent tutorial videos for students to practice outside of class time.”

Dr. Rose Grace, Bethune-Cookman University, FL

Refreshing & Much More Interesting

“. . . compared to the textbook which I have used for the last umpteen years, I found it refreshing and much more interesting. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful, rich resource for class piano.”

Dr. Norma Brunner, Gordon College, MA

Amazing Results

“I teach 3rd-5th grade piano at an arts and technology school in a 16-keyboard lab setting without any assistance. eNovativePiano has brought ease and amazing results to a job that was nearly impossible and equally frustrating. This wonderful resource has helped me reach the goals that I have set for myself and for my students.”

Courtney Oubre, NCTM, J.W. James Arts and Technology Elementary School, Lafayette Parish, LA


“There is so much emphasis on proper technique – that’s invaluable. To hear the pieces being played and to see them being played, help you with the positioning of your hand and fingering. It so much better to have audio and video assist you.”

Blake Pujol, Sophomore Guitar Major in Jazz Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Absolutely Love eNovativePiano

“After using eNovativePiano this year, I would not want to use anything else. I absolutely love eNovativePiano — I actually looked forward to my 8:00am piano classes this year! I think my class piano students achieved a much higher level of fluency using eNovativePiano and I’m especially pleased with the improvement in score reading and in sight reading. The harmonizations were great fun because of the wonderful sound files.”

Dr. Diana Belland, Northern Kentucky University

I LOVE Your Curriculum!

“I am officially 6 weeks in and I LOVE your curriculum. I have never had so many beginning adults students in class piano play with loose wrists, read notes with ease and have such solid rhythmic foundation.”

Amy Grinsteiner, College of St. Benedict/St. John's University

Can Tailor to Individual Students

“eNovativePiano has been a huge success here. The kids are working at all different levels and improving their skills, and when I was observed, my administrator was extremely impressed with the varied activities and how each student can truly work at their own pace. I think Grandview will be working with you guys for many years to come!”

Teresa Newman, Grandview High School

Used by Nationally Recognized Schools

Experience the eNovativePiano Difference

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