Playing on the Black Keys

The Musical Alphabet and the White Keys

Reading Music on a Reduced Staff

The Grand Staff and Landmark Notes

Five-Finger Patterns

Expanding the Reading Range – Ledger Lines and C-Clef

Mastering the Drop/Roll Motion

White Key Pentascales

Major and Minor Triads

Black Key Pentascales

Coordination: Three Basic Motions

Extending to the 6th

Chord Shapes, Shifts, and Progression

Extending to the 7th

Extending to the Octave

Finger Substitutions in Melodies and Chords

Pianistic Fingerings in Chordal Playing

The Legato Melody – Hand Extension and Contraction

Melodic Independence Within the Hand

Independence Between the Hands

Inversions of Four-Note Chords

Textural and Registral Shifts