Every student has inner musical gifts that we, as teachers, strive to locate and help give voice to.

Some of our students love the classical repertoire and look forward to the day when they are ready to play Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata. Others look forward to the day that they can play keyboards with the praise band of their church. Still others are budding songwriters that hope that their song is chosen for the next Bond film.

It is our students’ personal motivation that keeps them playing the piano. With careful cultivation of each student’s interests, we can tap into his or her inner gifts, and keep them playing for years to come. If this is to be successful, we have to start early and cultivate every aspect of music making, from reading, to developing a comfortable technique, to playing by ear, to performing solo and in groups.

eNovativePiano is a rich resource that can enhance your teaching and increase student motivation. In addition to a thorough curriculum, teaching all of the traditional skills from reading to improvisation and ensemble, our videos supply students with effective 24/7 teacher modeling that can be viewed in and out of class and our varied lessons and musical styles keep students engaged.

The creators of eNovativePiano, Susanna Garcia and Chan Kiat Lim, will show you how you can unlock your students’ unique musicality using eNovativePiano’s holistic, multimedia curriculum.

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