A Sequenced Curriculum

A sequenced curriculum is essential to student learning. A well designed curriculum allows students to develop foundational skills and provides them with multiple opportunities to use these skills in creative ways.

Our curriculum is built on a drill-application paring. The drills, which include six core elements, provide foundational tools, which are then followed by practical applications such as repertoire, harmonization, improvisation, and other functional skills. The pacing and sequence are progressive with concepts reinforced through media that appeals to and compliments different learning styles-visual, aural, tactile, and intellectual. Our materials are interconnected, ensuring effective transference of knowledge and a holistic learning experience.

Learn how our lessons are sequenced and arranged into topics. You can these documents to plan your own custom curriculum and create lesson plans.

A Reading, Harmonization, and Score Reading Learning Sequence

eNovativePiano has developed sequenced full curricula for reading, harmonic reading, score reading and harmonization. Because our materials are aligned with our technical approach, based in physical comfort, students can master these skills more easily.

Sample Lessons Plans for College Level Classes.

These are actual lesson plans used by Dr. Susanna Garcia in teaching her piano classes at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where eNovativePiano was developed. Please note that these are works in progress and are subject to frequent change. They are provided as models showing how one of the creators of eNovativePiano uses these materials in her classes. They can also assist graduate assistants who are beginning to teach and need some guidance.

Recommended Test Content for each eNovation

With so much content available on eNovativePiano, you might like some assistance create testing components for each eNovation. Although all our lessons are valuable and will help to build core skills, it may not be necessary to actually ‘test’ a student on everything found in our curriculum. You can view our suggestions here.