It Just Got Better!

At eNovativePiano, we are serious about teaching. Either online or in person, we understand that you need excellent resources AND dynamic tools to help you deliver, grow, and motivate.

This new edition (two years in the making) has dozens of new lessons and new features that are powerful, yet easy to use. Here’s a list of upgrades and benefits:

​New! Curriculum Customization with a Personal Touch:

You’ve seen our versatile customization tool but now, when you customize a new curriculum, you’ll receive feedback on the curriculum you’ve built. Maybe there is a gap you never knew you had?

New! Time-Saving and Tracking Tools:

The new Workbook allows you to automatically populate your teaching calendar and arrange lessons with a simple drag-and-drop function. You can now group assignments into checklists, create practice to-do lists, and track class progress for any assignment. 

New! Speed Control in Media Player:

With a library of over 1000 multimedia resources, we know that visual modeling, stylistic play-along tracks, and audio lessons improve learning outcomes. The new media player allows students to adjust the speed of videos and audio tracks to enhance learning.

New! Efficient Design:

This new layout is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. From your teacher dashboard, you have a full view of everything that is important – your recent Workbooks, upcoming assignments, student progress, and newly-added lessons.

New! Student Enhancement:

Motivate students and help them stay on track. They can generate personal practice log summaries and self-report their progress status on assignments. They can also view upcoming assignments and track progress from their dashboard.

New! Communication:

You can now make announcements to your class and communicate privately with individual students through our message portal. You can even share resources, Workbooks and stay connected with other eNovativePiano teachers worldwide!