My account has expired. How do I resubscribe?

When you subscribe to eNovativePiano an account is created which you access by username/password. This account is linked to the email address that you used when you purchased your subscription. When your subscription expires, your account becomes 'inactive.' To resubscribe and reactivate your old account, follow these instructions. Go to www.enovativepiano.com From the left side of [...]

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What is a “Workbook?”

When you create a custom curriculum on eNovativePiano it is called a "Workbook." Your students join your workbook to access the curriculum you have created for them. There is no limit to the number of Workbooks that you can customize. View Tutorials: Section II. Customizing Your Curriculum / Using Workbooks  Customizing Your Curriculum Overview of the eNovativePiano [...]

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What is eNovativePiano?

eNovativePiano is an online, customizable curriculum designed for teaching piano from the beginning through the late intermediate levels. eNovativePiano contains 685 multimedia lessons that develop the full range of keyboard musicianship skills including listening, keyboard topography, reading, rhythm, technique, theory; and include a variety of keyboard activities including repertoire, lead sheets, improvisation, harmonization, collaborative ensembles, score reading, [...]

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Is eNovativePiano an online course?

eNovativePiano provides a curriculum and multimedia resources for students and teachers appropriate for both in-class or online teaching but it is not an online course. While a student might choose to work independently using eNovativePiano, the vast majority of our users are teachers who have adopted it as a curriculum for their in-person and online classes and [...]

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Can I use eNovativePiano for both group and individual lessons?

Yes! While eNovativePiano was originally designed for the group piano environment, our focus on functional keyboard musicianship skills like reading, improvising, harmonizing, score reading, repertoire, and ensemble playing is perfect for individual instruction or for summer camps. Students will benefit from the animated content, the videos, and the audio tracks. Independent teachers who are interested in expanding [...]

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What age/level student is eNovativePiano designed for?

Because eNovativePiano starts with very beginning concepts, the materials can be used with any beginning student, regardless of age. However, because eNovativePiano is not specifically designed for very young students (younger than 8), use the site with them during their lesson. eNovativePiano is especially well suited for older students, even adult beginners and college music majors who [...]

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How do I adopt eNovativePiano for my program?

eNovativePiano is a subscription website accessed through user login/password. If your school chooses to adopt, your students can get eNovativePiano in several ways. Purchase directly from our website, eNovativePiano.com Purchase a license code through your campus bookstore. Teachers receive complimentary access with a minimum of 10 student subscriptions. Institutional License. This type of license offers reduced pricing [...]

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Can I share a Workbook with another teacher?

It is very easy to share a Workbook with another eNovativePiano teacher. The person on the receiving end becomes the owner of the shared Workbook and it is completely independent from the original. Refer to this document to learn how to share a Workbook. View Tutorials: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano Sharing a Workbook with another eNovativePiano [...]

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