When you subscribe to eNovativePiano an account is created which you access by username/password. This account is linked to the email address that you used when you purchased your subscription. When your subscription expires, your account becomes ‘inactive.’ To resubscribe and reactivate your old account, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to www.enovativepiano.com
  2. From the login screen, sign into your old account. If you use your email address to sign in, it must be the same address used when you created the account. image of the enovative piano login screen
  3. Because your account has expired, these error messages will be displayed within a red banner: These credentials do not match our records. and This account appears to be expired. You can renew your account be subscribing to a new plan using your existing username and password. Select the “START HERE” button to go to the next screen where you will choose your subscription plan. picture of login error messages
  4. After you choose the plan (Semester, Quarter, etc.) and accept the terms and conditions, select the orange “NEXT” button. If you are purchasing a subscription with a license code, only complete the section “Or do you have a License Code?,” accept the terms and conditions, and select “NEXT.”  Image showing the select your subscription plan
  5. Now, enter the username/password for your expired account under “Returning Users.” image showing login screen for returning users
  6. Upon a successful login, you will be taken to a secure credit card processing page where you can enter your credit card information. If you are using a license code you will bypass the credit card processing page.

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