What is a “Workbook?”

When you create a custom curriculum on eNovativePiano it is called a "Workbook." Your students join your workbook to access the curriculum you have created for them. There is no limit to the number of Workbooks that you can customize. View Tutorials: Section II. Customizing Your Curriculum / Using Workbooks  Customizing Your Curriculum Overview of the eNovativePiano [...]

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Can I share a Workbook with another teacher?

It is very easy to share a Workbook with another eNovativePiano teacher. The person on the receiving end becomes the owner of the shared Workbook and it is completely independent from the original. Refer to this document to learn how to share a Workbook. View Tutorials: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano Sharing a Workbook with another eNovativePiano [...]

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Can I add due dates to assignments in a Unit/Subject Workbook.

Unit/Subject Workbook are organized by headings that you, the teacher, create, rather than by date. However, using eNovativePiano's Checklist feature, you can create checklists and assign due dates to the items on the checklist. These will be visible on the Upcoming Assignments panel and can be tracked from the Recent Workbooks panel on your dashboard. View Tutorials: Section [...]

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Can I convert my Workbook to a new format?

You can convert your Date Format Workbook to Unit/Subject Format, and vice-versa. You cannot however, convert to an eNovativePiano Curriculum Format. When you convert a Workbook a new copy is made and your original version is not affected. Refer to this document to learn how to Change Workbook Formats View Tutorials: Section IV. Teaching with eNovativePiano Change Workbook [...]

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Why do some of my Workbooks show as ‘in progress?’

An 'in progress' Workbook is one that includes lessons that have not been assigned a due date (in a date format Workbook) or to a unit (in a unit/subject format workbook). These lessons are referred to as 'unscheduled' lessons. An 'in progress' Workbook is visible to students, but they won't see the unscheduled lessons until you have [...]

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Can I track my student’s progress on eNovativePiano?

On eNovativePiano, there are two types of student tracking options.  You can track your students’ self-reported progress on any lesson that you have included on a Checklist.  Students can log their practice on any assignment. These logs are available to both student and teacher.  View Tutorials: Section III. Exploring eNovativePiano Features Tracking Student Progress: Practice Logs Tracking [...]

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