If you are looking for materials to create quizzes or simply to provide additional learning opportunities for your students, we have created some materials to help you out.

Supplemental Reading Materials

You can never have enough reading practice! This folder contains reading examples that can be used for sight reading quizzes or to supplement the reading found on eNovativePiano e3-10.

Grading Rubrics

If you want to streamline your grading time and provide consistent feedback to your students, we have suggestions for creating rubrics. These rubrics establish criteria for all the core elements and applications on eNovativePiano.

Slideshows for Testing Timed Reading

These slideshows can be used to quizzes the timed readings found in several eNovations. Each quiz includes 7 examples from the timed readings that the students have practiced and 3 prima vista examples.


Use this worksheet to give your students some extra practice with transposing instruments.