As teachers, creating a curriculum for your students is one of the most important tasks that we engage in. An effective curriculum should reflect your philosophy, goals, objectives, and of course, the needs of your students. When you customize a curriculum in your eNovativePiano Workbook you will be choosing the lessons and learning resources that meet your instructional needs.

Each Workbook that you create represents a customized curriculum and automatically generates a Lesson Summary showing the types of lessons that you have chosen. You will see the Lesson Summary when you open a Workbook, at the top of the page.

lesson summary

Let’s take a look at a Lesson Summary for a curriculum that I have just customized.

The graph on the left shows eNovativePiano Core Elements. These are the building blocks of comprehensive musicianship. A balanced curriculum will include lessons from each of these six categories. This graph lets me know that I am a little light on two areas – technique and theory. I hadn’t noticed that when I was creating my curriculum. That’s why the Lesson Summary is so helpful!

The graph on the right shows eNovativePiano Applications. Unlike the Core Elements it is not necessary to include all the Applications in your custom curriculum, as they may not all be appropriate for all students. This graph will confirm if you have included everything that you need. It may also give you ideas on expanding your teaching into new areas. For example, I may consider adding “Collaborative Piano” to my curriculum. It is such a useful skill for any student pianist to develop. And eNovativePiano’s ready-made, sequenced lessons can be easily added to your curriculum.

Let your Lesson Summary guide you and if you decide to add additional lessons to your custom curriculum, revisit the curriculum customization tool on the main navigation bar; or do a filtered search, then add the lessons directly from the lesson page.

Curriculum Customization Tool

To hide (or show) the Lesson Summary, go to the Workbook toolbox and select ‘show/hide summary.’

show or hide lesson summary

Let us know what you think of the Lesson Summary. We’d love to hear how you are using it.