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eNovativePiano is the premier multimedia online curriculum for piano instruction and is suitable for group instruction, individual lessons, and eLearning.

Teacher Tutorials

eNovativePiano offers a holistic curriculum with more than 500 multimedia lessons and a wide range of resources designed to develop well-rounded keyboard musicians. Our curriculum is fully customizable to meet your needs. Find the tutorial you need here.

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Multimedia and Holistic Curriculum

Holistic + Multimedia = Success In Your Piano Studio Teaching is like a kaleidoscope. Each time we look, something in our students has shifted. As they grow and change, so do their learning needs. It is easy to miss what they need at a particular time. What is the missing link that will keep them engaged [...]

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Tap into Students’ Inner Gifts for a Deeper Musical Experience

Every student has inner musical gifts that we, as teachers, strive to locate and help give voice to. Some of our students love the classical repertoire and look forward to the day when they are ready to play Beethoven's Pathétique Sonata. Others look forward to the day that they can play keyboards with the praise band of their church. Still others are [...]

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Welcome to the eNovativePiano Blog!

Welcome to the eNovativePiano Blog! If you are are already teaching or learning with eNovativePiano's multimedia resources and lessons, we hope to inspire you with new ways to use our materials. If you are unfamiliar with eNP, we hope that you will enjoy learning about the benefits of an online curriculum. We'll be posting on a variety [...]

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