Minimum Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Teacher computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device
  • Projection system, especially if using eNovativePiano with a group where the students don’t have a personal device. This could be a ceiling mounted projector or one on a cart, or it could be a TV monitor mounted to the wall or on a cart. It could also be an interactive smart board.

Nice to Have

  • Computer/laptop/tablet/mobile device for each student so that eNovativePiano can be accessed individually during class time, allowing for more independent work. However, many of our institutional users use eNovativePiano quite successfully with only a teacher computer and a projector.
  • Webcams (HD1080) and mounts for teacher demonstration to the class. (4 would be ideal: overhead, left, right, pedal)
  • Document Camera for displaying scores
  • Classroom Printer



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