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Student Self-Assessment

Did you know that you can use eNovativePiano to assess new students? Using our tool you can assess the basic reading, rhythm, and aural skills of students. This information can provide a sound basis for customizing your curriculum and will add to your teaching efficiency.  You can also take action to remediate specific student weaknesses that you discover in the assessment results. The assessment [...]

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Rubrics, Testing, and Supplemental Materials

If you are looking for materials to create quizzes or simply to provide additional learning opportunities for your students, we have created some materials to help you out. Supplemental Reading Materials You can never have enough reading practice! This folder contains reading examples that can be used for sight reading quizzes or to supplement the reading found on eNovativePiano e3-10. Reading Supplements [...]

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Teacher Tutorials

eNovativePiano offers a holistic curriculum with more than 500 multimedia lessons and a wide range of resources designed to develop well-rounded keyboard musicians. Our curriculum is fully customizable to meet your needs. Find the tutorial you need here.

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Group Piano Teaching: What am I Missing? (MTNA 2019 Handout)

MTNA 2019 Showcase - Group Piano Teaching: What am I Missing? Discover three frequently overlooked components of group piano teaching that are key to student success in an accelerated curriculum. Choose the right materials to ensure that these crucial elements are learned at the right time. View / Print Session Handout

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Multimedia and Holistic Curriculum

Holistic + Multimedia = Success In Your Piano Studio Teaching is like a kaleidoscope. Each time we look, something in our students has shifted. As they grow and change, so do their learning needs. It is easy to miss what they need at a particular time. What is the missing link that will keep them engaged and flourishing? Even for the best teachers, it [...]

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